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What comes into your mind when you contemplate laying a body to rest? Many people think of a traditional burial. Although graveyard burial used to be the most common way of disposing of bodies, things are gradually changing. Cremation is getting popular day by day as more people are ditching conventional burials in favor of this modern way of disposing of human remains.

In fact, perceptions of death are quickly changing. Although religious and cultural traditions have remained supreme, people currently have more than one option regarding body disposition. Basically, this is an individual decision formed on the desires and beliefs of a person and that of their family.

This article seeks to discuss why more people are gravitating towards cremation instead of burial. Despite it being popular, there are several benefits to choosing it in regards to process, cost, and environmental impact.

  • Relatively Affordable

The most apparent reason why cremation is preferred over a burial is straightforward: the cost. Funerals are an expensive undertaking. When coupled with the cost of body disposition, burials can leave the deceased family cash-strapped.

Since cremation requires no casket, burial plot, or any extras involved in the burial process, it’s a relatively affordable option. Because of the high cost involved in burials, it isn’t surprising that it’s the main reason for gravitating towards cremation. Providers like Riverside Cremation charge as low as $600, rendering it the most affordable option.

  • Flexible Memorial Options

When a body is disposed of traditionally, it’s commemorated via a grave split and monument. Although this is a potent symbol for legacy, it offers little flexibility for the heartbroken family.

However, cremation can be easily personalized to suit the wishes of the deceased. There are several options in regards to how to dispose of or keep the ashes. Many people opt to scatter the ashes in a meaningful place such as a favorite park or on the water.

Conversely, families can also opt to store the ashes in an urn or other memorial containers. At Riverside cremation center, we offer several options to scatter or keeping crematory remnants.

  • Environmental Friendly

Many people are unaware of the impact of cremation on the environment. Cremation is far much better than graveyard burials, though it has its shortcomings. Unlike burials that take precious ground space, cremation takes little to no space, and it involves the use of fewer chemicals than burials (in regards to embalming).

The space used is significantly minimal, even for those that prefer their crematory remnants to be buried. Because of space limitations and the need to conserve the environment, people choose cremation over burial to help the earth.

  • Compliance with Religious Beliefs

Various religions and cultures globally have their views regarding how to lay bodies to rest. For instance, Christianity and Judaism advocate for the traditional option of disposing of the body, while Hindus and Buddhists advocate for cremation as they believe it is the most effective way to approach enlightenment or separate the soul from the body. Therefore, religious beliefs are a key determinant when it comes to the choice of body disposition.


As from the above, there are convincing reasons why people are continually switching from graveyard burials to cremation. However, other factors influence the end-of-life decisions, such as religion. The decision solely rests on you and your family members.