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Root canal therapy is a practice that dentists perform routinely. Its goal is to stop an infection or disease from causing irreparable damage to a tooth, which can then only be extracted. In other words, it is a method to remove injured or infected tissue to protect the tooth from further decay.

Most people think that this procedure is painful. In reality, some minor to moderate discomfort in the operated area can last for around ten days. The dentist or endodontist also may need more than one appointment to fill the cavity of the tooth.

Why You Need To Wait 1 Or 2 Weeks Before Completing The Treatment

The dentist will decide whether to make you wait for one or two weeks, depending on the situation. In brief, the waiting time allows the healing of the tooth infection before the dentist can proceed to the next step.

What To Expect After The Root Canal Therapy

Because most people fear the painful consequences, it is better to look at what possible factors may contribute to the discomfort. According to, the causes of uneasiness include:

  • inflammation from around the tip of the root with residual tissue healing
  • irritation from the placement of the rubber dam clip
  • soreness from the injection
  • subsiding pain and inflammation

Inflammation is a normal part of the healing process. As your body rids the area of inflammation around the root tip, you might feel more pressure on your tooth when biting food. But your tooth may also feel loose for a while. It is just your sensitivity adjusting at the repairs near the nerve ending in the tissue outside the root end. The dentist uses filler and sealer material. So, you can expect these and similar sensations after the treatment as well.

Choosing Professionals

Residents in Midwest City, Oklahoma, can always turn to for satisfying dental procedures. Of course, root canal therapy needs trained experts with many years of experience to save what remains of the tooth. But choosing the right specialist can make a huge difference. After all, an endodontist is necessary to restore the aesthetic and function of the tooth.

Dentist offices like have many specialists in their teams. Above all, they offer a first-class level of comfort with detailed explanations before and during the treatment. The patient can finally expect multiple radiographic images throughout the process to make sure the dentist performed the root canal therapy safely.