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People often believe that oral health and general health are two separate entities, which is completely false. Oral health is part of overall health and is imperative for an individual to be comprehensively healthy. A complete dental exam ensures that your oral health will develop properly throughout your life and positively impact your overall health.

Here are 4 important reasons why you need a comlete dental exam.

1-The scope of oral health

Dental health not only encompasses the teeth and gums, but also influences various organs of the body. Good oral health encompasses the palate, tongue, throat, jaw, lips, salivary glands, mucosa of the mouth and chewing muscles. A complete dental examination will analyze your mouth and all of the above mentioned organs to reach conclusions that will be useful for your overall health.

2-Indicative of other diseases

A complete dental examination can reveal various diseases that affect your teeth, gums and mouth. However, it should be noted that these diseases can be indicative of other diseases that are detrimental to your body and quality of life. For example: a complete dental examination reveals oral diseases that in turn are indicative of other diseases such as oral cancer, diabetes, heart disease, HIV, AIDS and osteoporosis, among others. A complete oral exam can provide early warning of other health problems.

3-Preventing Tooth Loss

A good comprehensive dental examination can prevent tooth loss in the medium term. Many people follow a proper dental hygiene routine and avoid visiting the dentist because their teeth look fine. The reality is that you may have dental diseases even if they are not outwardly apparent. These diseases could cause you to lose your teeth, which could lead to worse problems.

4-Health education

If you are a parent you already know that children acquire habits by observing the behavior of their parents. A complete dental exam is a habit that should be acquired in childhood. You should have a complete oral exam every year and you should encourage your children to do so as well, whether they are children or teenagers. Visit and book an appointment with any of the outstanding dentists who will guide you to get the complete dental exam you and your family need.