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Dog daycare is an ideal option for on-the-go pet owners who are against leaving their furry little ones’ home alone throughout the day. However, it is necessary to choose a dog daycare that is suitable for you and your pet. And because the dog is your favorite friend and part of your family, it is necessary to pick a daycare that will accord your pet the attention and affection it deserves. This will ensure your dog is fully-engaged, even when you’re away from home, making them happy.

  • Visit the Facilities

Ask the facility management for a tour. It’s essential to ensure the environment your pooch will be hanging out in is tidy and thoroughly sanitized. It is also important to find out about the safety measures the facility has put in place to avert danger.

Probably opt for a dog daycare with solid fences as opposed to chain-link fences. This is because chain-like fences allow dogs to see each other, which might tempt them to fight over the fence. However, having a chain-like fence doesn’t mean the facility is insecure.

  • Ensure Dogs Are Grouped or Separated Accordingly

Big dog daycares normally divide dogs up into separate playrooms depending on several factors. Some dog daycare facilities are against grouping or splitting dogs, thus playing them in one room. A good daycare should group or separate dogs based on various factors such as size, temperament, play style, among others, because it is important.

  • Inquire About the Staff-to-Dog Ratio

Some countries spell out the dog-to-human ratio for daycare facilities, while others have no specific ratio. Talk to the facility manager to learn about the state guidelines. Pet Care Service Association recommends a 15:1 ratio (1 person to 15 dogs). Therefore, consider dog daycare facilities that comply with the set standards in regards to ratio.

  • Choose a Dog Daycare with Guided Facilities

Before you settle on a particular daycare facility, first inquire about the activities the dog will be undertaking during the day. Is there any kind of training taking place? If yes, then you can anticipate noticing improvements in your pet’s behavior. We at Los Angeles dog boarding undertake dog training and behavior tweaks inside the playrooms. When dogs are back home, most owners report to us of noticeable betterment of behavior. Hence, if you are looking for a daycare that will make your pet happy in your absence and have its behavior modified.

  • Check the Toy Policy

Some dogs can be hostile to other dogs, especially when they want to keep a toy they think is theirs. If you know your dog portrays this trait and does not get well with other dogs, it is recommended to bring the matter to the daycare manager’s attention to be steadfast on your dog.


The above are some of the factors that can aid your process of finding the right daycare facility for your pulp. If you’re a Los Angeles resident looking for a suitable doggy daycare.