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Neck or back pain can be devastating. It can be very painful, interfere with your ability to work; or even make it challenging to get through your day.

But a trained and experienced surgeon can examine you and provide the right surgery to get you back to work and free of pain and discomfort. (1) If you are in the Beverly Hills Area, you can find competent, experienced treatments by trained surgeons by visiting the offices of Lanman Spinal Surgery at

Patients with pain or reduced spine function have been finding relief from artificial disc surgery. When the discs in your spine become damaged over time, a trained surgeon can insert and secure the placement of an artificial disc (or discs) to allow you to regain your agility and return to normal movement.

In the past, spinal fusion has addressed disc problems – the surgical welding of spinal bones. Afterward, though the patients no longer felt spinal pain, they had a reduction of movement in the area that was welded. The placement of artificial discs eliminates that problem and provides an overall better patient outcome.

The FDA approved this procedure in 2004. Since then, the process has increased in popularity and numbers, and innovations in the procedure continue.

Artificial disc replacement surgery takes 2-3 hours. The surgical team will enter from the front of your abdomen. A vascular (vein) surgeon usually helps the orthopedic (bone) surgeon because so many blood vessels are involved. The doctors will move your organs aside and find the disc that needs to be replaced. They will remove the old disc and insert the artificial disc. After the surgery, you will be monitored in the hospital for 1-3 days. (3)

Artificial discs are designed to replace both the center (nucleus) and outer ring (annulus) of the disc with a mechanical device that will behave the same way as a natural spinal disc. Some discs are made entirely of metal (chromium or titanium), while others are a combination of metal and plastic (polyethylene). A surgeon can decide which of those materials is best for you.

Patients with back pain caused by two lumbar discs and no previous surgery on the lumbar spine may be good candidates for this surgery. They should also not have spinal nerve compression, scoliosis, or osteoporosis.

The procedures for these artificial disc replacements are quick and minimally invasive. You will have minimal scarring, few complications, and less postoperative pain.

If you have back pain due to disc problems, and feel you are a good candidate for artificial disc replacement, contact an orthopedic surgeon in your area and begin your journey to a healthier and less painful life. Those who live in the Beverly Hills Area can put their trust in the hands of the experienced surgeons at