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Your dog can be your best friend, but they can also make quite the mess in your house if left unsupervised! Don’t fret—there are plenty of dog daycare options to choose from that will keep your pup healthy, happy, and out of trouble. When choosing the best dog daycare for your furry friend, there are several things you should consider:

1. Location

If you travel for work or regularly commute long distances, ensure that you choose a daycare near your home or work. If you don’t, you may find yourself cancelling your plans because of a last-minute emergency at home! Some of the best facilities may be further from your home or work, but they are often worth the additional driving time. Ask to tour each facility and meet the employees in order to get an idea of whether it will be a good fit for your pet.

2. Playtime

Ask about how many dogs there are in each group, what kind of playtime they get, and how long the playtime lasts. In addition, find out the ratio of staff to animals. If there are too many pets for the staff members, your dog may not get all of the attention that he or she needs. Also be sure to ask about outside play time. This is often overlooked, but it’s one of the most fun parts of day care.

3. Safety

It is important to choose a facility that is safe for your pet. Make sure that the facility isn’t overcrowded and that the dogs have plenty of space to mingle. Also ask about safety protocols, such as ensuring that doors are shut and locked at all times, and that there are no loose wires or other things hanging from the ceiling. If you have young children in your household, make sure the daycare is child-proofed as well.

4. Cleanliness

If you’ve ever visited a daycare before, you know that dog hair can quickly accumulate everywhere! Ask about the facility’s cleaning methods and make sure that it is regularly cleaned. Ensure that the play areas are completely sanitized and cleaned each day. The facility should also have easy to use washing stations so staff members can quickly sanitize your pet after playtime.

5. Staff

Dogs respond well to positive reinforcement, so it’s important that the staff members are nice to your pet. When choosing the best dog daycare for your furry friend, ensure that the staff is friendly and will take good care of your dog. A good rule of thumb is to visit a few times and observe how employees interact with the dogs.

6. Cost

Finally, it’s important to consider cost when choosing a facility for your pet. There are many inexpensive facilities that still give your dog the care and attention they deserve, so don’t settle for something that is too expensive! Ask the facility what kind of activities they provided and compare prices between several different locations.

Choosing the best dog daycare for your furry friend can be a daunting task, but take your time and think about how you want your pet cared for. makes it easy to find the best dog daycare facility for your pets needs.