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Many people are unaware of what the benefits of SMS marketing are or if it is something seriously worth considering. The reality is that, as we become more and more digitally focused, we also become more and more desensitized to digital interactions. An easy example of this is email messages. Once upon a time, we’d regularly go through our email and carefully read through many of the different offers. Today, unless we see something that truly catches our eye, it’s very much a rarity to spend more than a second paying attention to even a wall of messages.

SMS marketing allows you to side-step most of this by ignoring those standard forms of marketing and instead greeting a person via SMS messaging (also known as text messaging).

There are many different platforms out there, from starter options like Texting Base to enterprise-level options like UltraSMSScript. And while each has their own strengths and weaknesses, they all are meant to follow a very specific role of putting your business, product, or service directly in front of a person via SMS message.

Below, we’ll go into the benefits of SMS marketing so you can determine if it’s good for your business.

SMS Marketing Benefits

Whether you run a large or small business, SMS marketing is the ideal option with a host of different benefits offered. This can range from the fact that you’re more likely to have your message read, have a more qualified prospect to market to, the ability to use this in tandem with traditional marketing methods, or the ability to establish two-way communication.

Improved Read Rate

One of the biggest benefits of SMS marketing is the fact that it is the preferred form of communication for the vast majority of people. This means that you’re far more likely to have your message read as a SMS message compared to an email or other marketing method. In fact, studies have shown that 98% of all text messages are opened compared to only 20% of emails!

Prequalified Prospect

As people understand the nature of sending a text message, they also are likely to have developed a sense of apprehension when offering their number to businesses. This means that, if you have gotten their number, you can be reasonably sure they are very interested in your product and what it has to offer.

Works Alongside Traditional Marketing

One thing most people never consider is that you can still use other forms of marketing if you budget allows it. In fact, while SMS marketing is one of the best options out there on its own, it synergistically improves other marketing avenues as well. By including your contact information on radio, print, TV, and other marketing strategies, you can directly funnel them through the SMS marketing, allowing you to keep contact with them for far longer.

Two-Way Communication

Lastly, unlike most alternative methods of marketing and customer interactions, SMS marketing allows you to quickly and intuitively connect with customers. This means you can immediately respond to a question or a request for support, often much faster and more easily than via email.