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Covered California is a marketplace that provides health insurance to California residents. Despite being unemployed, the government offers a health plan for you and your family. It provides healthcare insurance from top-rated health insurers.

With an EKS California, you might be eligible for a marketplace where you can purchase family and individual health insurance. Covered California have healthcare standardized plans from known health insurers. You might be entitled to get the financial support to assist you fund or the health plan.

In case you require healthcare while in California, and there are some difficulties getting it through an employer, the Covered California health plans are much affordable and offer better coverage. Based on the household and income you receive, you could qualify for health plan discounts via Covered California.

Benefits of Covered California

Sponsored by the Department of Health Care in collaboration with Covered California, this cover brings together popular health care brands with Californians under the Affordable Care Act and Patient Protection. It has helped millions of people in California to afford medical care and coverage.

Significant health benefits

EKS California offers Covered California healthcare plans that give a basic health services package that residents reap essential health benefits.

Preventive care

These are the services that assist in preventing or detecting health challenges. Preventative care offered through Covered California is free; thus, there is no need to deduct any funds before you make a trip to any health care for preventive care.

Vision Benefits

Covered California works closely with VSP and EyeMed. Therefore, if you want to reap the vision benefits, there is a need to register an individual care plan for adults’ vision. For this, you are required to register directly with the eye company that you select. You can get some information when you visit VSP here or EyeMed here.

Dental Benefits

ESK California offers adult dental coverage. Unlike the vision benefits, Covered California provides access to dental insurance. As you buy the health plan, you can as well purchase dental insurance and enjoy its benefits.

Coverage for youth

We have children under 26 years old eligible to be added to the family health insurance. Despite their marriage status. As they grow older, Covered California allows them to sign up for health care coverage.

Take Away

Covered California’s health care is a plan set by the California government. It offers the residents financial assistance to fund the health plan. Through the Federal Poverty Level (FPL), the government can tell who is eligible for the program.