KinEmote - Free XBox Kinect Software for Windows

Control Windows Games & Apps
with an XBox Kinect camera

KinEmote is the most complete, easy to use Kinect software
package available for Windows.

Use hand movements to:

- Navigate Boxee, XBMC and WMC
- Give Amazing Power Point Presentations
- Play Popular Windows Games
- Control 1,000’s of Windows Applications

KinEmote Palm Click & Drag v0.1 Beta Released

We are happy to announce the release of KinEmote Palm Click & Drag v0.1 beta to the community.

Many delays, both positive and not-so positive have stopped us integrating PCD directly into the KinEmote main program in a speedy manner, so rather than make the community wait any longer we decided to release it as a stand-alone application.

Currently it only supports left-click and dragging in a virtual mouse mode, but it is fully functional with the drivers provided on the download page of the KinEmote web site.

This release is tuned to work best at distances of 4ft -- 6ft although we have included sliders for you to tweak settings to your liking for different setups. There are checkboxes for you to enable and disable mouse functions. There are also options to have PCD send a keystroke both at the beginning and end of a tracking session.

We are releasing this as-is and intend it to be more of a development and experimentation tool for the personal hobbiest, non-profit and educational communities. Please support each other in the user forums with any issues and have fun playing with our creation.

Brother Joel

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PCD Coming soon.

We know its been a long time in the making but we are putting the finishing touches on the palm click and drag engine for KinEmote and finishing up some internal testing. Expect to see this new release before the end of this month.

Currently you can expect PCD to work in mouse mode complete with left click, left click and hold to drag and a right click function too. These functions will all be possible with a single tracked hand.

KinEmote 0.5 will also feature an all new installer that includes all of the drivers and middleware required taking the confusion out of the driver setup process ensuring that KinEmote is the easiest way to use your Kinect camera on your Windows PC.

KinEmote 0.5 will be free for personal, academic and non-profit organizations to use for any non-commercial activity. Commercial license for KinEmote is available through enquiry via the contact form on this web site.

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KinEmote PCD engine fuels Google’s Gmail Motion

Lateral Flux Inc. announces the acquisition of it’s KinEmote Palm Click & Drag (PCD) motion recognition engine to provide gesture support for the newly announced Google Gmail Motion platform.

The KinEmote Palm Click & Drag (PCD) Engine has been seen in testing on a variety of YouTube videos showing a user easily browsing through web pages, Windows folders and even playing Rovio Software’s smash hit ‘Angry Birds’  using nothing more than a single hand tracked by a Microsoft Kinect camera. Avid users of the KinEmote software have been eagerly awaiting the release of the coveted new PCD engine which has been in development for the last few months.

Today’s surprise announcement of Gmail Motion from Google Inc. reveals the true power of the PCD system combined with body gestures and arm movements.

“We are so happy to be part of the motion control revolution” says Joel Griffin Dodd, CEO of Lateral Flux, Inc. and Co-creator of KinEmote. “Now thanks to the advances made by the Gmail team and the integration of the KinEmote PCD Engine, users can finally push, pull, grab, swipe and drag their way through their email with the grace of a swan.”

KinEmote is a free software package that allows Windows users to control thousands of applications such as Gmail Motion through gestures using a Microsoft Kinect Camera. KinEmote can be downloaded for free at

The KinEmote PCD Engine is due to be released in the next version of KinEmote and will be available from the KinEmote web site upon release.

Lateral Flux, Inc. is technology development company based in San Diego CA. Lateral Flux specializes in creative think tank development, strategic marketing, software development and invention.


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Aaaand we’re back!

We wanted to post and let the community know that although things appear to have been quiet on the surface, a lot of work has been going on behind the scenes here at KinEmote.

We have expanded our programming team and also brought on a few other key members to help distribute the work load and get things moving along at a much quicker pace. We’re all super excited to be working together on the KinEmote project and look forward to bringing great enhancements to the product over the next few months.

kinEmote 0.5b PCD (Palm Click & Drag)
We know the whole community has been waiting on the release of PCD and we can assure you we haven’t forgotten about it, in fact it has been the focus of all of our efforts over these lest few weeks. We are restructuring the code from the ground up and integrating the PCD functions into the product at the moment.

Will it be free?
Yes. KinEmote will continue to be free for personal, academic, non-commercial and non-profit use. Commercial inquiries for using the KinEmote engine can be directed through the ‘Contact’ form on this web site.

When will I get 05.b ZOMG I WANT IT NOAW!!!!!
We want it complete as much as you do, we’re working on it.

Brother Joel

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Play Portal on Windows with Kinect and KinEmote

Our favorite mad creative scientist Matt F (DR_ROCKER87) is back with his latest adventures into KinEmote.

This time he’s playing Valve’s legendary puzzle game ‘Portal’ by combining KinEmote functions with a wireless keyboard for what looks like a super fun way to play. Here’s a guide from Matt as to how he set up his system for this fantastic technique…

OK so here is the setup…..

1) Download and install KinEmote for Windows
2) Get it running and sit about 4 feet from you Kinect (that’s a good range, because at a far distance the mouse messes up and you don’t have that much control.
3) Use your wireless key board in your lap while you sit back from you Kinect
4) Modify all the keys in Portal to adapt to your current situation(in this case, I made AWSD movement, E action, Space blue port, and ALT red port.

Ive played through almost all the levels with the Kinect now and calibrating it just right…

Thought this easy level would be a fun post!!!

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Negative Ghostrider the pattern is full. KinEmote & HAWX go for a flyby.

Matt Fedo is having fun again with KinEmote and HAWX. In this great little video he’s controlling his F-22 Raptor using KinEmote to translate his arm movements into some awesome flying scenes.

As we continue to roll out more functionality for the KinEmote product we think that we’ll be seeing more and more of these creative uses from the community. The flexibility of a standalone control package really allows for user friendly configuration that even surpasses the options that come in these games themselves.

I’m sure plenty of KinEmote fans are going to give this one a try as it looks so much fun, especially if you’re rocking out to Danger Zone while doing it (awww come on you know you love it).

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On-screen Keyboard for KinEmote

KinEmote user Matt Fedo (HackLife87) has put together a great looking on-screen keyboard for KinEmote that automatically launches when you click into any text field.

Much like the UI keyboards on cell phones the keyboard is triggered by the ‘I-bar’ cursor event that happens when you click into a text field.

We think this may be really useful to KinEmote users especially when combined with the upcoming release of the PCG Engine (Palm-Click & Grab) in KinEmote 0.5b

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Play Farmville on Kinect with KinEmote 0.5b

Here’s another favorite, Farmville being played on Kinect with the upcoming ‘Palm-Click & Drag Engine’ (PCG) technology in KinEmote 0.5b.

This is still a prototype build that needs refining but it does show the pinpoint accuracy that is achievable with this new feature.

The PCG Engine will allow users to play 1,000′s of their favorite Windows games from the comfort of their living room couch on their big screen TV’s and projectors.

This demo was recorded on a 720p TV linked to a laptop with a simple HDMI cable a simple set up that anyone can do in their living room.

What fun favorite games are you looking forward to playing with PCG Engine in the upcoming KinEmote 0.5b?

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Kinect mouse breakthrough. Use Web, Windows & Angry Birds with precise ‘Palm-Click & Drag’

Finally, super-precise mouse clicking and dragging is a reality for Kinect!!!!

KinEmote’s new custom image recognition system shown in this tech demo allows users to accurately left-click and even click and hold to drag objects just like a real mouse.

The action is performed by closing the fingers of the hand to ‘click’ the virtual mouse button, this new technique is infinitely more accurate than existing solutions that require users to use a ‘push’ motion to select an option.

With this new level of amazing accuracy KinEmote users will be able to play games, surf the web and navigate Windows using their XBox Kinect cameras in ways that were never possible until now.

Look out for the ‘Palm-Click & Drag (PCG) Engine’ in the next big release of KinEmote.

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DashHacks play with KinEmote mouse

Here’s a quick and simple video of the guys over at DashHacks Network taking the virtual mouse function for a spin on Windows desktop.

Spoiler - Look for much better clicking options coming very soon from KinEmote for your XBox Kinect

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